Traffic Law At 3AM – Those Who Think They Own the Road In the Middle of the Night

About twenty-year’s ago I was sitting out at a hamburger chili cheese stand in a suburb of Los Angeles. We all went there with our fast cars and hung out in the middle of the night. We would wait until the coast was clear and find an empty street to race our cars. Obviously, even back then you weren’t supposed to do that, but as long as we didn’t cause anyone any problems, and no one called the police, they pretty much left us alone. In fact, there were some off-duty police officers who also raced their cars for fun, a few of them friends of mine.While I was at that hamburger chili cheese stand, a completely famous place back in the day, a police car drove very slow by my vehicle, and then they got out and started looking around my car. I thought to myself; “oh, I am so busted.” It turns out they were motor heads themselves, and just wanted to look at it. We talked about drunk drivers and other things, and they said they could always tell the drunk drivers in the middle of the night. Everyone else would be speeding, and anyone following all the traffic rules, probably had a little more to drink than they should, and those are the ones they kept an eye on.If they went over the line, stopped too far before a stop sign, or in the middle of the intersection after one, that’s who they would pull over; that makes perfect sense to me now, although back then it really didn’t, because I was trying to follow the rules the best I could. Not long ago I was out late at night, and I noticed the number of vehicles which were zooming around almost without regard to anyone who might also be driving around. Interestingly enough, there wasn’t anyone on the road, but occasionally you’d see an extra vehicle here and there, people going about their business such as;Police
Newspaper DeliveryEveryone was speeding around, as if they owned the road, mostly because they did, and there wasn’t anything out at all to worry about. It’s just like that officer told me decades ago. What I find interesting is that many people that work in government, in some sort of policing passion including folks that work for the border patrol often drive outside the normal traffic laws in the middle of the night, and no one really says anything about it because there is no one out to complain, so they drive around and own the domain.So I ask; do we have different traffic laws at 3 AM for those people in authority, or those people who do late-night jobs when no one else is on the road? And if we do, how come everyone else doesn’t know about this? Is it because they’re sleeping, or because no one cares? It’s a philosophical conundrum and an argument on the topic of traffic law. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.